UBS Swiss Bank


UBS Swiss Bank offer a wide selection of banking services that are tailored to your specific needs. Services of UBS include: business banking, investment targets, retirement planning and asset management. If you’re looking to make the most of your life you need a professional bank that suits your requirements. UBS offer banking products suitable for every stage of your life. UBS Swiss Bank also offer a points service whereby you can save points and spend in partners stores. Your account will be available to use online, the online banking service can be used on your computer or portable device.

Online Swiss Banking

  • There are several cool functions available when banking online with UBS.
  • Online processing of payments
  • UBS credit card information and prepaid cards info
  • Customisable alerts sent by email or text message
  • Budget planning and savings goal feature
  • Overview of your account statement and assets
  • Investment recommendations, securities and finance

UBS Banking Products

UBS offer “Pay & Save Basic Offerings” which customise the type of banking service that suits your needs best. This UBS Pay & Save account offers a personal account with a savings account. There are several cards available to help you pay for free and withdraw for free anywhere in the world. If you sign up to the UBS bonus program you can also collect points that can be redeemed with partner companies.

Current Account

With a UBS personal and current account, you can privately and securely make payments. You’re able to maintain the account with ease with an easy to use overview.

Savings Account

UBS savings account offer much better interest rates compared to a UBS personal account. If you’re opening a savings account for a young individual you can access an even better interest rate.

UBS Investment Fund Account

Opening an Investment Fund Account will allow you to safely and securely grow your wealth. Reach your goals with ease with help from a client advisor who will help to assess your personal profile. You can set your preferred currency for your investment goal once you have opened your UBS account.