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When shopping for insurance, you need to make sure you get the most out of your cash. Whether you are searching for vehicle insurance or home insurance, you can save a fortune by studying the rates of as many companies as possible. Using comparison websites is a quick way of checking prices. Many of these comparison sites exclude

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insurance companies that they are not affiliated with. This is something to bear in mind. Make sure you check the insurance firms that are not listed on the comparison website you used.

Tips When Shopping for Insurance

Complete 1 application form and copy and paste all of the details added into a notepad on your computer.

Alternatively, you could use an Auto Fill program for your browser. Make sure the program you are going to use is not spy or adware. If you are using Google Chrome, I recommend using Autofill. The option can be enabled in the options.

Using Autofill will drastically reduce the monotony and speed of your applications.

Don’t just compare prices. You may be offered a better price but the chances are, you are not getting a better level of insurance.

Don’t be enticed by a free gift. You may be offered a free pen or clock but how much is that clock worth. Often you will have saved enough on the cost of such offers to buy a pen or clock factory!

Like the advertisement? Cute furry animals and celebrities are not insurance experts!

Ensure that you are not bound into an overly long contract.

Seek independent advice if you are unsure.

Pushy sales people are not your friends. Do not be deceived by someone acting like your friend over the phone or at your door, you will probably never speak to them again.

Be wary of cold calls. Once you have applied for insurance with one firm your details can sometimes be leaked elsewhere. We would advise NEVER to buy from a cold call. Ask them to remove you from whatever list they found your details from and never call again.

Last but by no means least, always check the smallprint.