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Swiss Banking

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Switzerland is the most well-known country when it comes to offshore banking. You do not need to visit to set up – an account can be opened via email. Their bank accounts are kept secret. Particularly, many legal matters like divorce, tax, and bankruptcy are all regarded as very private issues. Their method of operation is similar to that of American banks. However, unlike many other countries, this country does not change their policy under the pressure of the United States.

Contact banks around Switzerland to see how they can accommodate you. The tailored banking services offered here are the most professional available. You can talk to Swiss banks in confidence about what you require. Private banking services are available to more wealthy clientèle. Try to ensure that the bank you choose is not a global bank as this will mean it’s bound by international law.

Check to see whether the bank has services such as: online banking, investments, asset management and personalised banking. Most Swiss banks provide clients with a professional banker who can guide you through the process of opening your bank account. Your personal banker can find out what your savings goals are, what type of investment strategy you are looking for and help you every step of the way.

Investing through a Swiss bank is easy. You can set up an investment fund account in most banks whereby a portion of your funds are automatically invested for you.

Minimum Investment

Each bank has a minimum investment needed in order to open the account. Some accounts will automatically invest a part of your deposit automatically, ensuring your account starts to grow from day one. Certain banks offer a broad diversification of investment funds which you can benefit from, ask to see their track record.