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Open an Account in the Cayman Islands: Cayman Banking

cayman bankingCayman Banking is a similar banking system to that of the USA in many ways. Their secrecy is also well known. As a result, your corporate name is the only information that the bank will require. If you are worried about your privacy, there are ways to ensure it. Create a series of corporate names and trace them via a holding company that does not lead to you. Although banks from this jurisdiction do not encourage evading tax, they also do not inform about deposits on the account. This provides customers with a sense of security. However, in cases of national emergency or pressure from the US government, there have been several incidents when it has allowed access to help the government. In this case, your privacy is not guaranteed.

Contact banks in the Cayman Islands and discuss your requirements in confidence.

US clients who wish to deposit or invest a minimum of $1,000,000 USD banks recommend using a Private Bank with Private Bank Services. Private banks offer a wealth of experience and first class services. The service is also available for non-US citizens worldwide, contact your Bank for more information.

A Swiss private bank that can put together a financial strategy for you. They can also help with asset protection and wealth management.

For information about opening a Swiss Bank Account, contact a Swiss Bank.

International Cayman Banking

Throughout the international financial community, the Cayman Islands is recognized as a sophisticated, mature and diverse financial centre. As a premier financial services jurisdiction, Cayman attracts the world’s leading accounting, legal and investment firms, and the banking industry remains a cornerstone of Cayman’s success.

Currently, there are just under 600 banks and trust companies in The Cayman Islands, including 43 of the 50 largest banks in the world. Adherence to the regulatory standards of the Basle Committee on Banking Supervision is fundamental to the regulatory approach, and the Cayman Islands is an active member of the Basle Committee’s Offshore Group of Bank Supervisors.

In addition, there exists a unique combination of stability, innovative legislation, commercial strength, Government support, and the absence of corporate, capital gains, income, payroll and withholding taxes, on domestic or foreign entities.

Banks subscribe to the “know your client” tenet, and the Cayman Islands as a jurisdiction maintains a robust anti-money laundering regime which extends to the proceeds of all serious crime as defined under the ‘gateway’ legislation.

Cayman Islands welcome only substantial, recognized, well run banks and, as a result, banks with household names from all corners of the globe are taking advantage of Cayman’s modern facilities to conduct international business. These banks are licensed under the Banks & Trust Companies Law (2001 Revision).

Cayman offers a full range of banking products for local and nonresident clients. Deposit, savings, and checking accounts are widely available at many banks with competitive interest rates offered in all major currencies. Time deposits are particularly popular, although it should be realized that interest rates correspond to prevailing international rates at any given time.

Other services readily available include letters of credit, foreign exchange, guarantees, safe custody, commercial loans, and mortgages. The Cayman domestic banking scene reflects a buoyant economy making the industry one of the largest employers on the Island. This status ensures an experienced work force well able to respond to market trends.

The supporting infrastructure in the Cayman Islands is modern and sophisticated. Real-time online access to the world’s major financial markets meet the needs of clients who demand cross-border services equal to those of New York or London.


For High Net Worth Individuals wishing to deposit or invest $300,000 USD or more contact a Cayman Bank to speak to a Private Banker, please feel free to ask about any of their services you are unsure about such as:

  • Wealth Management
  • Investment Solutions
  • Trust Formations
  • Tax Solutions
  • Inheritance Planning
  • Asset Protection Services
  • Swiss Bank Account
  • Anonymity
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit cards

An appropriate expert can render a general introduction to their services via telephone and then offer to meet you wherever it is convenient for you, in one of their banks in the Cayman Islands, in one of their professional offices around the world.

If you would like to utilise the benefits of Cayman banking then a Private Bank account offers the benefits of an offshore private bank account with extra features and security.

Cayman banks are part of a multinational Offshore Services Group offering offshore and private banking services. banks strongly believe in a strong client relationship. You can rest assured that to us you are not just a number, banks believe in the traditional banking values of service and the personal touch.

Cayman banks clients include; Royalty, Governments, Celebrities and high profile Politicians. Cayman banks guarantee expert wealth management and asset protection services.

Private banking offers you professional wealth management and asset protection expertise, private bankers will also design and build a custom financial strategy to suit your banking needs.

Cayman banks also offer the following services: offshore bank account, offshore banking, asset protection, wealth management, investment banking, asset protection trust. banks can put together an offshore financial vehicle to suit your personal or business needs. aim is to bring you together with Cayman Private Bank and introduce you to the best Private Bankers.