Asset Management

Information About Asset Management

Asset management involves the management of both tangible and intangible assets. With the right bank, clients can set up an asset management profile whereby the bank or a designated professional will look after the clients assets.

The service is extended to tangible assets like property, vehicles and land. Monetary assets are also protected and managed professionally. Clients can use certain assets as collateral on loans and investments.

asset management

Ask you bank about asset protection services they may provide or browse our website for information.

You are now able to manage yourself with special asset management software. Search our website for asset management firms and professionals. If you would like to know more about how this type of service can benefit you, get in touch with your bank.

Most Private Banks or banks with premier banking services offer professional asset management. Clients are designated an asset management group or professional who can look after your finances, giving clients financial piece of mind.

Sometimes known as wealth management and often confused with asset protection, the management of assets is something entirely different.

Private banking services are usually offered to clients of a bank who are regarded as High Net Worth. If a client has many assets or is a millionaire with security, you can benefit from premier financial services.

Well known commercial banks like Barclays, HSBC and UBS offer premier banking services to wealthy clients. If a bank customers wealth is steadily growing they may be able to successfully apply for this type of service. There are many features available to private banking clients. These services include the setting up and management of a family office. This allows all expenditure to be analysed and improved upon. Clients can also start an investment portfolio. An investment banker can advise clients on investments with a good record. Trust fund formation services are set up. A set amount of cash is saved into a trust fund for the clients chosen beneficiaries.

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